Kyso | for Team

Easily share data and data science with your team

Kyso is your data science and knowledge hub. Share insights, collaborate with your team, and win with a data-driven culture.

Move ideas forward

Everyone on your team can read and comment on your data-science reports making ideas and insights spread faster.

Share anything related to data

Upload charts, datasets and data-science notebooks or sync your Github repositories. Posts render beautifully, interactive charts are supported making it easy to interact with your data.

Everything is organised

Access control, tagging, searching, email invitations, and multiple team owners makes Kyso simple to set up and maintain as your team grows.

A seamless workflow for your team

Integrate with your existing workflow

Upload charts and datasets from anywhere. Import from Github or use our plugin for Jupyterlab. You can use Kyso without changing the way you work.

One chart is worth a thousand lines of code

Use our Interactive charts that let you pan, pinch and zoom into data or maps, or even run live data-apps to learn the most from your data.

Everyone learns from the reports.

Everyone can comment on posts so you can discuss charts, data, code and insights from a specific post or across a project.

Pay as you grow

Readers who can view content posted to your team are free, and it just $10 per editor per month, making it easy to scale Kyso as you grow.